Community Participation

At Eleos Care Australia, we understand the challenges faced by individuals living with disabilities when it comes to participating in social activities and finding a sense of belonging. That’s why we offer NDIS assistance with social and community participation in Melbourne, providing the necessary support to help you build social connections and actively engage in community life.

Our dedicated team at Eleos Care Australia creates a safe and inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities can meet, interact, and develop various social skills. We offer assistance that empowers you to participate in a variety of activities, fostering self-confidence and meaningful connections within a secure and supportive environment.

Discover a World of Social Activities

Our NDIS social activities cover a wide range of interests and options, from participating in interest-based social groups and recreational activities to skill-building, sports, and more. Our team of specialists will review your NDIS plan, funding, and interests, providing recommendations for suitable social and community activities tailored to your needs.

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